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Medical service
Fast & Affordable

Accesa Health is pleased to offer a variety of medical services for the convenience of our clients, simply come by Accesa Health in Torrance when we are open. It will take you 10-15 minutes to register and be on your way.

Walk-ins welcome!

    Accesa Health offers a fast, affordable TB test (tuberculosis test) on a walk-in basis. Our price for a TB skin test is $50. This price includes all office fees, the placement of your test, the reading of your test after 48-72 hours, and proof of your test result. There are no hidden fees. Please note that 2-step TB testing requires 2 separate injections on different days and costs $100.

Accesa Health can also provide a tuberculosis risk assessment in certain instances

The QuantiFERON-TB Gold test is an FDA-approved blood test that can screen for tuberculosis (TB). QuantiFERON TB testing is a more accurate version of TB skin testing, specifically for people who have had the BCG vaccine or latent TB previously.

Results generally take 4-6 business days

The total fee for a screening chest x-ray through Accesa Health is $95. This price includes the doctors order that is required to get a chest x-ray, all x-ray fees, and a copy of your results that includes a radiologist interpretation. A chest x-ray ordered through Accesa Health can be performed at one of our affiliated imaging facilities. The turnaround time after the chest x-ray is performed is generally 2-3 business days. Once your results are ready, you will have the option to receive them electronically or you can pick up a copy of the report in person at Accesa Health.

Please call the office for pricing

Accesa Health is pleased to offer our premium medical weight loss clinic program, Fresh Start. Fresh Start was implements customized dietary goals, metabolic assessments and prescription medications to help our clients achieve the best results.

Basic Program – $150 | Premium –  $249

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