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Accesa Health is a leading wellness and medical center that provides high-quality health and wellness services to patients in Torrance, the South Bay and the Los Angeles area. Since 2008, Accesa Health has pioneered the concept of customer-focused healthcare featuring short waits and 100% transparent prices.

Since our humble beginnings, we have served tens of thousands of patients and have helped them with everything from basic health needs to customized wellness plans. From our advanced medical weight loss program to our popular B12 shots and Myers' cocktails, Accesa Health can help you achieve your wellness goals. We also offer a wide range of standard medical services, driven by the belief that routine medical care does not need to be inconvenient, expensive, or unfriendly.

Our Philosophy

Overseen by Board-Certified MDs, our medical providers use the latest guidelines to deliver high-quality, evidence-based medical care.
From free parking to a fast check-in experience, most patients are seen in 15 minutes or less. Don't spend the day in a medical office.
We don't take insurance so we can offer 100% price transparency. No hidden fees or mystery bills. And if we cannot help you, we do not charge you.

We offer a variety of wellness services. Whether you are trying to reach aspirational health goals or simply get your groove back, we can probably help.

Accesa Health's Services

Accesa Health can also help with everyday medical care, including screening physical exams for sports or work, tuberculosis (TB) screen testing, and a wide variety of lab testing services. Most of our services are available on a walk-in basis.

Accesa Health also offers access to its medical providers through a virtual practice on the telemedicine platform, Push Health. If you have a minor condition like a cough, cold, or sore throat or you need a simple medication refill*, feel free to connect with us through our virtual practice and we will see if we can help you.

*Please note Accesa Health does not prescribe controlled substances.

Our focus on creating a high-quality, evidence-based, patient-centric health care experience has earned us high marks on Yelp from our customers. Because we strive to deliver timely access to our services, we only accept cash, credit and debit (no health insurance) for our services. Please explore our website or call us at (310) 606-3877 if you have questions.

We hope that we have the opportunity to help you or someone you know get or stay healthy.