The Accesa Health Team

About Us

Accesa is a fast-growing company that is focused on improving healthcare one patient at a time. We deliver premium medical care at affordable, transparent prices and take pride in improving the patient experience through outstanding customer service. Accesa Health is an inspired group of people doing something we are passionate about in a work environment that is positive, uplifting and fun.

Accesa Health Alumni Testimonials

We are currently not recruiting but check back here if you are interested in the future. One of the benefits of working at Accesa Health is the opportunites it opens up for future steps in your career. Some of our past employees work at major healthcare organizations in Torrance and Los Angeles. We think of our alumni as an extended network and professional family who continue to be helpful with our organization and career development for existing staff members who are looking for a new challenge. Some of our past team members have graciously allowed us to post testimonials about what their experience at Accesa Health was like.

My experience at Accesa Health was way more than I would of hoped for. I gained customer service skills in my position and learned a lot about laboratory testing, vaccines, and medicine in general. The Accesa Health team became like family and I always looked forward to go into work, even on Saturdays! Accesa Health evolved a lot since I started in 2013 but it did so with one goal in mind: providing quality patient care with price transparency. I have no doubt that Accesa Health is only going to continue providing the best patient care with a team that is knowledgeable and always ready to help with a smile on their face.

Elizabeth, CLS now at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Working at Accesa Health was an awesome opportunity to develop professionally and sharpen my clinical and customer service skills. I wasn't just another employee like I had felt at other jobs, I was part of a team and part of the Accesa family!

Emma, RN now at Kaiser Permanente

Looking back, I think that all the experience I had learning tests and answering customer service calls for Accesa Health really put me in an advantaged position when I started drawing blood on inpatients at Torrance Memorial. I'm finally a Clinical Laboratory Scientist where I no longer draw blood or accession samples but am behind the scenes making sure all the QC passes. I don't believe my journey to becoming a CLS would have been quite as smooth if I hadn't started out at Accesa first. Accesa really laid the groundwork and helped me accomplish my career in healthcare.

Jazmin, CLS now at Cedars-Sinai

During my time employed at Accesa Health I was encouraged to learn new skills I had never gained before in any of my previous jobs. I parted with the company when I had to move to another state, but the skills I learned there allowed me to be considerably more appealing in the job market and helped me secure an amazing new career that I love. I am thankful for the growth that their management team allowed and I enjoyed the laid-back environment. The close-knit staff there was always caring and like a second family to me. The knowledge I gained while working at Accesa Health significantly enhanced my life in many ways and I will always appreciate my time as an employee there.

Melody now at PDS Gaming

I really enjoyed working at Accesa. It was a great transition out of the ER for me. The patients that came in were always pleasant and they make you feel a part of the team and not just an employee.

Krishna, PA-C now at South Bay Dermatology Associates

Thank you for your interest in Accesa Health.