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Accesa Health is pleased to offer our premium medical weight loss clinic program, Fresh Start. Fresh Start was implements customized dietary goals, metabolic assessments and prescription medications to help our clients achieve the best results. Our Fresh Start Basic Membership is $160 / month and our Fresh Start Premium Membership is $249 / month.

We studied and researched all the factors that contribute to a patient's increased statistical chance of long term weight loss and put all those ingredients into our program.
We believe there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach and created a weight loss program that is adjusted to each individual's needs and genetic differences.
Our weight loss program includes materials designed to help you understand the fundamentals behind nutrition and weight loss. Fresh Start is both for weight loss and a sustained, healthy life.
Medical weight loss does not have to be complex. We distilled leading medical evidence into simple strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Our final product is a medically supervised and individually customized program that is backed by science.

How does the weight loss program work?
Our medical weight loss program starts with an initial consultation and detailed evaluation. Participating patients will receive a basic metabolic assessment, blood work, nutritional guidance, our popular Accesa Lipotropic shot, and, when appropriate, medications that might help accelerate weight loss.


Weight Loss Program Male Before


Weight Loss Program Male Before

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Weight Loss Clinic - FAQ

What is a weight loss clinic?
A weight loss clinic is a medical clinic that has special expertise in applying principles of medical weight loss to help people reach their target or ideal weight. A quality weight loss center is not a place that hands out prescriptions or other injections without a thorough review and examination of one's underlying health and weight loss goals.

Why would someone need medical weight loss?
Losing weight is a challenge that many people face throughout their lives. While there are obvious reasons that someone might be overweight (e.g. eating excessively), there are also less obvious reasons involving subtle interactions between medical conditions, nutrition and exercise that might be causing weight gain. For example, weight gain in people like new parents may be related to sleep deprivation.

What can a medical weight loss clinic do that I cannot do on my own?
Most people respond well to structured programs in all parts of their lives and weight loss is no exception. Leveraging our medical expertise and years of experience with many weight loss patients, a medical weight loss service like ours can accelerate a person's weight loss progress with the goal of long term success. In many instances, medical weight loss clinics like ours will enhance customized diet and exercise regimens with prescription medications to provide maximum, yet safe, achievement of weight loss goals.

Are there any other weight loss programs that you offer?
Many people on our weight loss programs also supplement their nutrition with vitamin B12 or lipotropic injections. A number of patients who have received our B12 shots and lipotropic injections have reported that they have seen improvements in their body compositions. Complementing our medical weight loss services with vitamin injections is a nice way to accelerate one's overall health goals.

We look forward to getting you started. Questions? Call us at (310) 606-3877.

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