Join the Accesa Health Virtual Clinic

Accesa Health is pleased to partner with Push Health ( to provide certain healthcare services virtually. You must be a registered member of our Push Health practice to be eligible to use this service.

It's free to register. To do so, please click on the link below and fill out the information. Once one of our medical providers reviews your information, you will receive an email invitation to finish your registration.

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What is Push Health?
Push Health is a secure website that allows Accesa Health to handle certain healthcare services, when appropriate, virtually (i.e. without a clinic visit).

How does it work?
From your phone or computer, you can get minor healthcare needs such as certain prescriptions and lab tests. For more information about how it works, Click Here.

Why did Accesa Health start a Push Health practice?
Over 5+ years and 40,000 patient visits, we have observed that many healthcare services can be handled more conveniently and affordably through a virtual encounter. The Push Health technology is an excellent choice for helping our patients get those services.

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