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At Accesa Health, we offer travel vaccines to help keep you safe on your journeys. Since 2008, our hassle-free, streamlined travel vaccination service has helped thousands of patients get the travel shots that they need quickly and efficiently. We provide travel vaccination services by appointment only so please call us at 310-606-3877 to schedule your appointment and confirm vaccine availability.

Travel Immunizations - Our Approach

We take travel advice and vaccinations very seriously so that our clients can relax, stay healthy and focus on the fun part of traveling! All of our travel immunization protocols were developed by knowledgable medical doctors and providers and we are experts on the latest recommendations for your travel destinations.

Being vaccinated against diseases such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria, Meningitis, Polio, and Typhoid is recommended when traveling to specific parts of the world. Hepatitis A and Typhoid are food and water-borne illnesses that can affect anyone. Malaria is trasmitted by mosquitoes. Hepatitis B is transmitted by bodily fluids.

Although we know that many people love paying hidden administrative and office visit fees, we do not charge any. With every travel vaccination, you will also receive a free (nearly indestructible) travel card for your records.

Travel Clinic Services - More Information

Some people wonder why they should go to a travel clinic instead of just visiting their regular doctor or medical provider to get the vaccines and prescriptions that they need. In some cases, visiting your personal medical provider might be a good option, especially if your provider has kept up-to-date on all of the latest travel advisories and keeps the necessary vaccines in stock. In those cases, you will have to make an appointment and we would recommend letting them know what vaccines you will need to make sure they have them at the office on the day of your visit. Unfortunately, insurance coverage varies dramatically on covering travel vaccinations and visits and, if you aren't covered, your out-of-pocket cost might be substantial.

For most people, however, visiting a travel clinic is a better option. At Accesa Health, we review the latest travel recommendations from authoritative sources on a weekly basis and again at the time of a patient visit. We keep all of the common vaccines in stock when there isn't a manufacturer shortage (as has happened at times with the yellow fever vaccine) and, because we do a high volume of travel vaccines, have fresh vaccines available. We also understand that getting immunizations for travel can be an unwelcome experience and are experts at giving vaccinations for travel in the most painless way possible.

Also, because of our volume, we offer competitive prices on our travel shots with no hidden office or administration fees or mystery bills. We, like most patients we talk to, value quality and price transparency in healthcare!

Accesa Health also provides concierge on-site travel vaccines for individuals and companies. Please check out the On-Site section of our website.

Give us a call at (310) 606-3877 if you have questions. We look forward to helping you stay safe on your journeys.

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