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Need a TB test? Accesa Health offers a fast, affordable TB test (tuberculosis test) on a walk-in basis.

Our price for a TB skin test is $40. This price includes all office fees, the placement of your test, the reading of your test after 48-96 hours, and proof of your test result. There are no hidden fees. Unfortunately, we cannot administer the TB skin test to pregnant or nursing women. Please note that 2-step TB testing requires 2 separate injections on different days and costs $80.

TB Test - Pre-Order Today

Through Accesa Health, you can pre-order a TB skin test and save $5. We will reserve your TB test for you at the office. Click the button to get started:

TB Test - More Information

A TB test consists of a small, nearly painless, injection placed under the skin. Once a TB skin test has been placed, the site has to be examined by a medical provider 48-96 hours later to see if there was a specific skin response. If there is no response, it usually means the TB skin test is negative. At Accesa Health, we can perform the TB test injection and sign off on any TB test documentation that is needed or provide our standard paperwork to document your TB test result.

We take TB skin testing very seriously. We order our testing materials directly from the manufacturer to ensure that the serum is safe and accurate. To provide a nearly painless experience, we use a special sterile 27g testing syringe to administer the TB test to ensure an accurate testing experience.

We also offer other ways to screen for tuberculosis: the QuantiFERON-TB Gold blood test and the Chest X-ray.

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Blood Test

We are excited about developments in our QuantiFERON-TB Gold blood test program. The QFT test is a relative new FDA-approved blood test that can screen for tuberculosis.

There are several advantages to the QuantiFERON-TB Gold test. Because it is a blood test, only one visit is needed. Additionally, it is very accurate for all people, including people who have received the BCG vaccine previously. As a result, it serves as an alternative to a chest x-ray for anyone who is at risk for a false positive skin test result. Through Accesa Health, a documented positive skin test result is not required to get the QFT test.

For more information or to place an order, please see our partner website, Accesa Labs.

Chest X-Ray: $95

If you have a positive TB test and need a Chest X-Ray, please see our Imaging page.

Please call us at (310) 606-3877 if we can help you with your TB Test or another health service.

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