Quality Physicals At Affordable Prices

If you need a physical exam for school, work, camp, the Peace Corps, or for a general wellness check, we can help.

Our physical exams are priced as follows:

Physical Exams - Quality & Affordable

At Accesa Health, we take each physical exam seriously because it is a valuable opportunity for us to analyze your health history and analyze your major organ systems in a systematic manner. By approaching each physical this way, we help our patients identify areas of concern and make changes that will help them achieve their health goals. Because we do not take health insurance, we can think outside of the box and potentially suggest alternative approaches that might be of benefit.

For patients interested in just getting blood tests, check out our friends at Accesa Labs.

The best part is that you do not need an appointment and most patients are seen in 15 minutes or less. Additionally, if you need paperwork completed to document your good health at the time of your physical, we will give that to you before you leave. We can also help with tuberculosis testing and vaccinations should you need them so please contact us if you have additional questions.

Please note that we are not set up to help people with complex health needs or ongoing primary care. Additionally, we do not do physicals to clear people after a DUI or loss of consciousness episode while driving. Instead, we are best suited for relatively healthy individuals who want a more thorough look at their health status.

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