Mission Statement

The goal and mission of Accesa Health is to deliver quality-modernized healthcare. We define modernized healthcare as a system that delivers health and wellness services with:

      1.) Transparent pricing
      2.) Easy access and efficient care
      3.) Health optimization
      4.) Quality service

To further understand the basis of our mission statement:

Transparent Pricing

In traditional healthcare models, neither the patients nor the providers know the price or cost of services. When using health insurance to pay for services, patients frequently receive mystery bills as the cost of their services is determined after a healthcare service is provided. Without a clear price list, patients are unable to make value-based choices about what services they want.

One of the foundations of Accesa Health is to provide health and wellness services to our patients with clear and no hidden costs. Our patients will never receive a mystery bill after receiving our services. We encourage patients to shop for the best price and we strive to inform every patient that is prescribed a medication where they can find the best prices.

Easy access and efficient care

In a current system that is plagued by poor access and long wait times, every aspect of our operation is aligned to keep our average wait time to 15 minutes or less. For a number of services, we offer appointment scheduling online and we also provide virtual access through Push Health to handle minor care services for patients. We continue to strive to discover other methods, models, and practices to save time for our patients and make the healthcare experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Health optimization

The traditional focus of medical care is to treat disease. As such, many longer term patient concerns or symptoms are often pushed aside if no immediate cause can be found. In contrast, we like the World Health Organization's definition of health: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Although we recognize the importance of and have considerable expertise in treating disease, we also are highly focused on optimizing the health of our patients.

How do we go about doing this? In addition to standard, evidence-based medical practices, we also offer wellness optimization services such as customized vitamin injections, hormone replacement, and weight loss programs. As health evidence constantly evolves, we continue to do the heavy lifting of distilling the best research and evidence out there into therapies and services that will improve the health and lives of our patients.

Quality service

Finally, all of our patients should expect quality in all the services we provide. We set a standard for our Accesa Health team to provide the highest quality care and a friendly, compassionate experience. We demand these standards from the vendors we work with and continue to value input from our patients in making our services even better.

Thanks for considering Accesa Health when thinking about your healthcare needs. If you have comments about our mission statement, please let us know!