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Accesa Health offers a wide range of medical lab tests at cash prices. Rather than struggling to figure out if the lab tests that you need or want are covered by your insurance, you can simply walk into our office and request the testing that you need for a transparent, affordable price. As part of the price, we will provide you with a lab order from our medical providers and, in most cases, can draw the labs that you need right in our office. While we do offer most common medical tests at Accesa Health, we do recommend calling us at (310) 606-3877 if you have a more specialized test to confirm that we can do it before coming in.

As an added convenience, we do offer access to many lab tests through our virtual medical practice on Push Health. Through Push Health, you can request lab tests from us online at cash prices and get tested at a Quest Diagnostics location in Southern California. Once your lab results are ready, we will provide them to you electronically or you can pick them up at our office. To request lab testing through our Push Health practice, click here:

Lab Testing - Nationwide Options

We understand that some of our customers and visitors to our website and are not located in Southern California. If you aren't able to get tested through Accesa Health or a Quest location in Southern California, we would recommend getting tested through our friends at Accesa Labs. Accesa Labs enables you to order lab testing online through the United States and get tested at a local Quest lab location. To learn more about Accesa Labs, click below:

Other questions? Please call us at (310) 606-3877.

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