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Integrative Medicine & Naturopathic Care

Accesa Health is proud to offer an integrative health program that combines cutting-edge care with naturopathic medicine and nutritional counseling. Through this program, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional and personalized care through blending the best of alternative and conventional medicine.

What is Integrative Medicine?
Integrative medicine is a patient-centric approach that merges alternative and conventional care to identify and treat the root cause of disease and imbalances. We use evidence-based therapies, including lifestyle and diet modifications, nutritional supplementation and botanical medicine to address both acute and chronic problems.

Types of conditions we treat:

Functional Medicine for Better Health

Program Costs
Currently, initial visits cost $80 and follow-up visits cost $50. Payment is due at time of service.

Some people interested in our Integrative Medicine program also find our B12 shot, Glutathione injections and Myers' Cocktail programs helpful in terms of meeting their wellness goals. Feel free to check those out to learn more. Please call us at (310) 606-3877.

The Accesa Integrative Health Program
Our program is led by doctors Sandy Lê, ND and Stephen Phan, MD. Dr. Lê is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor with expertise encompassing integrative care, women's health, mood disorders, thyroid disorders and chronic care management. Dr. Phan is a board-certified Emergency Physician with training in advanced weight loss therapy and wellness optimization.

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