COVID-19 Vaccine
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COVID-19 Vaccine Near You

The COVID-19 vaccine consists of one of several vaccines designed to protect individuals against SARS-CoV-2 which causes a COVID-19 infection. Once available to our office, Accesa Health will offer the COVID-19 vaccine to customers.

COVID-19 Vaccines - FAQ

Several COVID-19 vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. One COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer has demonstrated an efficacy rate of 95% across age, gender, race and ethnicity demographics.

COVID-19 Vaccine - Types

Currently, there are three different types of COVID-19 vaccines being studied: mRNA vaccines, protein subunit vaccines, and vector vaccines.

mRNA vaccines

mRNA vaccines work by inserting genetic blueprints into cells, telling them to produce a harmless protein that makes it look like the body has COVID-19. This COVID-19 protein helps generate an immune response, leading to the production of molecules called antibodies which can protect the body should it be exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Protein subunit vaccines

Protein subunit vaccines work by inserting harmless proteins into the body that make it look as if a COVID-19 infection has occurred. This helps generate an immune response that teaches the immune system what COVID-19 looks like and how to generate protective antibodies should the body be exposed to COVID-19 in the future.

Vector vaccines

Vector vaccines utilize a different, weakened live virus to insert genetic material that will allow the cell to produce proteins that look like a COVID-19 infection. When the immune system sees this COVID-19 protein, it starts generating a natural immune response that will protect the body should it be exposed to the real virus.

COVID-19 Vaccine - Side Effects

Side effects can occur after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine but are generally thought to be mild. Common side effects from COVID-19 vaccination include pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, joint and muscle pain, and chills.

COVID-19 Vaccine Near You

Currently, COVID-19 vaccines are being released and administered according to protocols established the CDC and FDA. Once wider access to COVID-19 immunizations is available, Accesa Health plans to offer this vaccine to our valued patients. We continue to offer COVID-19 PCR saliva testing and COVID-19 antibody testing.

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