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Virtual Medical Care from Accesa

Accesa Health is pleased to offer a variety of services through our Push Health virtual practice. For simple medical needs like minor urgent care and lab testing, Push Health makes it easy for our team to help you in most circumstances without the need for you to come to our physical office in Torrance.

Urgent Care

Through Push Health, we can treat existing patients for things like coughs, colds, rashes, sore throats and urinary tract infections. There is no charge if we cannot help you virtually. Other features:

Lab Testing

Through Push Health, we can also offer a wide range of lab tests at wholesale cash prices for you through Quest Diagnostics, the world leader in laboratory testing. From your quarterly wellness screening labs to advanced hormone tests, our virtual Push Health practice can help you get the tests that you need at a great price.

Best of all, registering for our Push Health practice is free. Use it when you need it. It's modern healthcare from quality providers at your fingertips.