Glutathione IV – The Master Antioxidant?

Glutathione IV has joined our Myers’ cocktail as a popular addition to people seeking wellness through IV nutrients and drips. An IV nutrient that is becoming more mainstream, glutathione is said to have potent anti-aging and antioxidant effects in the body. Is this really the case? We’re here to review the facts. 

Glutathione – A Powerful Nutrient

Glutathione is a molecule known as a tripeptide and consists of three essential amino acids – cysteine, glutaminic acid and glycine. Amino acids are special molecules that form the building blocks of larger structures known as proteins in the body that are components of tissues and muscle. The three amino acids in glutathione work together to give glutathione its punch.

Glutathione is thought to have several functions in the body. It’s primary purpose is to reduce damage to cells in the body which is why it is sometimes called the master antioxidant. More specifically, glutathione helps reduce cellular damage by destructive compounds such as free radicals and heavy metals that harm our cells. These molecules can cause imbalances and glutathione can help stabilize and reverse damage to our cells when that occurs.

What is a Glutathione IV good for?

Glutathione helps detoxify parts of the body such as the liver. Glutathione also acts as a cofactor which helps enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase protect you from from cellular damage. Glutathione also helps decrease inflammation from things that can inflame the body, boosts the immune system and overall metabolism, and prevents and kills cancer cells.

Glutathione Deficiency

Glutathione is different from some other nutrients in that the body can actually manufacture some glutathione from its three component amino acids. From a dietary standpoint, one can increase the amount of glutathione in the body by consuming whole foods such as dark, leafy vegetables as well as whey proteins.

Even with an adequate intake, however, there are many common things in our daily environments that can increase our free radicals and reduce our glutathione availability and stores. The most common reasons that people might be deficient in glutathione is because they take prescription or over-the-counter medications, are exposed to toxins in their daily lives, or ingest harmful substances (e.g. bad diet, alcohol, smoking).

Other things that might cause people to be deficient in glutathione include the following:

  • Pesticides exposure
  • Chlorine exposure
  • Radiation exposure (e.g. x-ray)
  • BPA exposure from household plastic
  • Solvent exposure
  • Paint / paint remover usage
  • Fuel inhalation

Glutathione IV Supplementation

A safe and effective way to increase your body’s glutathione levels and replete your stores is through a glutathione IV injection. Glutathione IV has the benefit of delivering glutathione to your bloodstream and replenishing your cells directly.

At Accesa Health, we administer glutathione through a process known as an IV push. To perform the glutathione IV push, we will insert a small, largely painless needle (typically a butterfly needle) into your forearm. Once we confirm that the needle has been properly inserted, we will then manually inject the concentrated glutathione through the tubing and into your bloodstream using a syringe.

Our glutathione IV push takes about 15 minutes to complete and most people say it is painless. Once the glutathione IV push is complete, we will remove the needle and apply a simple bandage to help stop any minimal bleeding. Some people pair their glutathione IV push with a Myers’ cocktail to get an extra dose of IV nutrients and hydration.

It is recommended that glutathione IV pushes are done on a weekly basis to receive the full maximum benefits. We recommend receiving our glutathione IV push weekly although some people space them out (depending on their time and budget). Patients report feeling more energized, having healthier looking skin, and even losing weight after receiving a series of glutathione IV pushes.

Glutathione IV Side Effects

The great thing about a glutathione IV injection is that there are no major side effects from getting a high-quality one. While some people are a little nervous about the idea of being poked by a needle, the pain usually just feels like a mild prick. Also, receiving a glutathione injection should not interfere with your daily activities and most people can get back to their days without any restrictions.

Where can I get a Glutathione IV Push?

With more mainstream popularity, places that offer glutathione IV injections are popping up nationwide. When selecting a place to get your IV, we would recommend finding a wellness center that utilizes licensed medical professionals and has expertise with any possible complications related to IV injections.

If you live in the LA area, definitely feel free to visit us at Accesa Health to get your glutathione IV injection.