Typhoid Vaccine in 15 Minutes

Need a Typhoid Vaccine? Get a high-quality, affordable Typhoid Vaccine from Accesa Health in 15 minutes. Whether you need the vaccine for travel or general immunity, our fresh Typhoid Vaccine will help protect you.

What is the Typhoid Vaccine?

The Typhoid Vaccine is a vaccine that protects against a bacteria called Salmonella typhi.

When should I get the Typhoid Vaccine?

Ideally, the Typhoid Vaccine should be administered at least 1 month before travel and immunity is thought to last for 2 years.

How much does the Typhoid Vaccine cost?

Our Typhoid Vaccine costs $145*. Our price includes the office visit, the vaccine, all administration fees, and proof that you got the Typhoid Vaccine if you need it.

Do you offer other vaccines?

We offer a comprehensive list of routine and travel vaccines. To learn more, please CLICK HERE.

How do I reserve my Typhoid Vaccine?

You can pre-order a Typhoid Vaccine online and save even more money by clicking below:

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Please consult your primary care provider for more specific questions or concerns.

Typhoid Vaccine at Accesa Health

Be seen for your Typhoid Vaccine in 15 minutes or less.
We only administer a fresh, high-quality Typhoid Vaccine.
All-inclusive Typhoid Vaccine prices. No hidden fees.

Please give us a call at (310) 606-3877 if you have questions about the Typhoid Vaccine or another service. We look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

More about Typhoid
Although typhoid fever is relatively rare in the US, it is prevalent around the world, particularly in areas where sewage decontamination is less advanced. Typhoid fever is spread through food and water contaminated by Salmonella typhi. The bacteria infects the body and lives in the blood and intestines. Infected individuals shed the bacteria in their feces. Typhoid fever can cause high fevers, stomach pain and a rash. Sometimes people may have minimal symptoms but are still contaminated with Salmonella typhi. Up to 1/3 of people who catch typhoid fever die from it.

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